What Our Customers Are Saying

What initiated your interest to have FSS manufacture your signature recipe?

“We had many reasons! We needed to protect our recipe, our sauce was inconsistent, and we wanted our employees to have a safer workplace.
Protecting the recipe – Since our employees made our sauce, our recipe was accessible to anyone within our organization. There was nothing that prevented an employee from starting up their own pizzeria while using our recipes and we could not afford to continue to train our competition.
Sauce Consistency – If you have one location and you are the only person who makes the sauce, you will likely be able to control the consistency of your sauce. When you have multiple locations with multiple humans making the same sauce, it is virtually impossible to ensure that your sauce is consistent from location to location, batch to batch.
Safety – Our business had multiple workers comp claims each year from cuts on sauce cans. We were able to eliminate these claims by eliminating the can. When we did this, we were able to reduce our workers comp insurance premiums.”

“Needed consistency from store to store.”

“Our sauce is such a high profile sauce, we needed to ensure its consistency from location to location, batch to batch.”

“Consistency and efficiency.”

“We had very crude methods for making our sauce & were reluctant to buy new equipment in each restaurant.”

“When we met your team back in 1995, we had known that there were inconsistencies in our sauce and believed that it is unavoidable due to the ‘human element.’ Once we found out about your program, we knew that it was something that we needed to pursue.”

Did you have any concerns with allowing FSS to manufacture your sauces?

“Maintaining flavor profile was critical and obviously a concern.”

“Yes, we wanted to make sure that we had a perfect match with the manufactured sauces from FSS vs. what we handmade in the restaurants.”

“Those who liked to do things ‘the old way’ had a hard time accepting changing to a new process. Once these individuals saw the benefits of the sauce program, they quickly accepted the change. The sauce program allowed us to eliminate aspects of our training, get rid of unneeded equipment, reduce storage of raw ingredients, and save on our disposal charges.”

“Only getting the sauce profiles correct and having you maintain that profile. FSS was very good at working through getting my sauces recipes nailed down in large batch situations.”

What has been the biggest benefit from having FSS as your sauce provider?

“Consistency, efficiency, and the overall expertise of FSS’s team.”

“Transparency has been a big benefit. The FSS sauce program gives me as a franchisor a true understanding of the amount of customer sales at each of our locations.”

“The 3 most important benefits of our sauce program with FSS are as follows: Consistency, Safety, and Quality. We have never had a customer or franchisee say that our sauce has changed over the years.”

“Consistency – Once we converted to your program, we no longer needed to worry about our sauce consistency and I was free to focus my time on other aspects of my business.”

“Consistency – Once we realized how inconsistent we were, this was a top priority and FSS has given this to us for many years.
Safety – In this day, safety is more important than ever! With FSS’s food safety accreditation, we have traceability on everything that goes into our sauce.”

Consistent manufacturing vs. handmade, Sanitation & food safety comfort, Packaging, handling & distribution ease, and the Ability to assist us with new product R&D.

More cost efficient in labor and materials, as well as consistency”

What would you say to a business owner considering partnering with FSS?

“Great company, honest,consistent, approachable. They listen!”

“If you’re hesitant in making a change because you have always done it a certain way, this program will be more impactful for your business than you have ever imagined.”

“You need FSS. Their program protects your proprietary recipe, gives you consistency, and transparency.”

“FSS are true professionals that make sure your product is perfect before it leaves their facility. We have never had a quality issue in almost 30 years of doing business.”

“I wouldn’t say that you should do this, I would say that you need to do this.”

“The people we deal with are very sincere, genuine, cooperative and transparent to work with.”

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