About Us

Food Service Specialties specializes in making custom tomato and dairy based sauces. Our modern manufacturing plant is completely dedicated to private label production. Products produced in our facility are found in restaurants, frozen food manufacturing, and the retail grocery industries. The success of our business has come from our ability to create customers’ unique sauces in our facility.

We have been creating sauces for over 30 years

Our business started out in 1985 by fulfilling a customer’s request for us to match and produce their unique pizza sauce. This concept blossomed into the successful business that we are today. While we started making sauce because of a single customer’s request, we quickly realized that the Pizzeria/Italian restaurant industry had a real need for us as a business partner.

Our Facility

After many years of growth, we outgrew our plant in Columbus, Wisconsin. In 1998, our operation relocated to Red Wing, Minnesota where we constructed a state of the art 45,000 square foot facility.

Basing our operations out of Red Wing allowed us to double our foot print while also allowing for future expansion. In 2007, we added another 34,000 square feet to our production floor making it what it is today.

Food Service Specialties facilities
We at Food Service Specialties embrace our mission to provide safe, legal, high quality food products to the marketplace.
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